NSK America Catalog 2016/2017

8 APPLICATION EXAMPLES EmaxEVO ESPERT ROTUS IMPULSE PRESTO II SHEENUS neo SONIC CUTTER 2 ø1.0" ø0.98" ø1.18" MS ø0.75" ø0.79" ø0.87" ø0.91" ø1.0" ø0.98" MA ø0.897" 3 1 AIR LINE KIT 5 HES510 HES810 HTS HPS Xpeed 4 PARTS 6 7 INDEX TECHNICAL DATA E2530 / E2550 ø1.0"/ø0.98" E2530 / E2550 ø0.897" iSpeed3 E3000 - One Piece E3000 - Modular ø1.18" ø1.0"/ø0.98" ø0.897" E3000 - 80,000rpm E4000 5-p5 * Order by catalog number. LUBRICATING OIL CAT. No. Model Product Price AA10478 Lubricating Oil (4 oz.) K-211 CAT. No. Model Product Price AA10480 Lubricating Oil (32 oz.) K-202 AIR BRANCHING JOINT DJ-6 AS02051 CAT. No. AS02051 DJ-6 • Plug (air stopper) : 3 pcs. Standard Equipment · Accessories Price Model • It is essential to run air motors with Air Line Kits to ensure proper air pressure and lubrication. This branching joint is designed to supply even, compressed air and oil for 3 to 6 air motors where installation of individual air kits is not feasible. • The intake hose size is ø12 mm and the exhaust hose size is ø6 mm. • Please use with the AL-M1203BS2 High Volume, High Capacity Air Line Kit. CAT. No. Top View Side View 0.24" 2.28" 2.17" 0.79" 0.31" ø49 mm (ø1.93") ø69 mm (ø2.72") REDUCER ( ø6 - ø4 Adaptor ) U235406 CAT. No. CAT. No. U235406 Reducer • ø6 - ø4 mm Adaptor Specifications Price Model Reducer ø 6 mm ø 4 mm The following products need Lubricating oil to use the AIR LINE KIT. • ROTUS • IMPULSE • MS Series • MA Series • HTS Series • HPS Series