Squares ABT



  • Ideal for extremely high precision, small diameter machining applications.
  • Air bearings use compressed air blown into a small gap between the spindle and the bearing surface. The spindle floats on an even cushion of compressed air. This non-contact type of bearing means the spindle has a very long service life because of low friction and wear; it also means that the spindle generates almost no heat or vibration.
  • The spindle and bearing are finished with a very high-accuracy process to ensure extremely low vibration and very high rotating accuracy.
  • The ABT Series are equipped with a Rotational Speed Detection Sensor. When in operation, a digital pulse signal representing the RPM can be output. The rotation speed and load condition can be monitored using a high performance, locally available speed meter.


Series Specifications

Spindle Accuracy Within 1 μm
Standard Size Collet (CHA-3.175) ø1/8"
Main Body Mount Method Outside Mounting Diameters Clamp Method
Bearing Type Static Air Bearing
Proper Air Pressure for Air Bearing 80 PSI
Air Consumption for Air Bearing  Less than 1.77 CFM
Proper Air Pressure for Air Turbine 80 PSI
Air Consumption for Air Turbine 4.24 CFM
Bearing Load Capacity Radial : Less than 20N
Thrust : Less than 35N
(Bearing Air supply pressure 80 PSI)
Useable Max. Diameter of Grindstone Less than ø2.0 mm (For ø4.0 mm shank)
Hose Diameter Bearing supply ø6 mm (1 location)
Turbine Air supply ø6 mm (2 locations)
Other Rotational Speed Detection Sensor with
5 meter cable



Squares Air Line Kit