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Squares Xpeed



  • Ideal for extremely high precision, small diameter machining applications
  • Air bearings use compressed air blown into a small gap between the spindle and the bearing surface. The spindle floats on an even cushion of compressed air. The non-contact type of bearing means the spindle has a very long service life because of low friction and wear; it also means that the spindle generates almost no heat or vibration.
  • The spindle and bearing are finished with a very high-accuracy process to ensure extremely low vibration and very high rotating accuracy.


Series Specifications


Xpeed1600 160,000 min-1(rpm) Output 56W
Xpeed1200 120,000 min-1(rpm) Output 192W

Squares Spindle


120,000 min-1(rpm). 192W Max Power.

• Spindle Accuracy : Within 1 μm
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160,000 min-1(rpm). 56W Max Power.

• Spindle Accuracy : Within 1 μm
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Squares Air Line Kit