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Squares Rotary Coupling

Rotary Coupling R/C NSK/Nakanishi Spindles
Electric Spindle Rotary Coupling for Turret Machines

Driven tools are a critical asset to any CNC machining process. Currently the most popular brands of CNC Turret lathes offer mechanically driven live tooling that can achieve 8,000 rpm max. The Rotary Coupling will allow an electric high speed spindle to be mounted to the turret.

The Rotary Coupling ""R/C"" is a two piece Electrical Coupling that rotates with the turret allowing an electric connection from the spindle drive to the spindle motor on the turret, without tangling the wires. The coupling also allows cooling air to be transferred to the spindle while in operation, thus cooling the high speed spindle and maintaining a positive pressure that keeps coolant from entering the spindle and the Rotary Coupling.