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Squares iSpeed5


60,000-80,000 Max RPM, 350W


  • Fully tool-changeable electric spindles increase machine tool speed.
  • The iSpeed5 System primarily consists of a motor spindle, stop block, air pressure switch and control unit. Power, cooling air, and control signals are provided to the spindle when engaged to the innovative electromechanical stop block that attaches to your machine tool spindle.
  • The iSpeed5 is created for continuous lights out manufacturing even in the case of cutting fluids and coolants.
  • The internal air passage allows the pressurization and cooling of the system while preventing the entry of contaminants into the stop block. 

Please contact NSK America Corporation directly for information regarding iSpeed5 for your machine.


Series Specifications

Max RPM 60,000-80,000 (rpm)
Max. Output Power 350W

Available Collet

NR3060S: Series CHK diameter 0.5mm to 6.35mm
NR3080S: Series CHA diameter 0.5mm to 4.0mm

Squares Control Unit

Squares Motor Housing


Maximum 60,000 rpm - Variable speed unit


Maximum 80,000 rpm - Variable speed unit

Squares Spindle


Spindle (Ceramic Bearing) - 60,000 rpm

This modular spindle can be used for small-diameter     [read more]


Spindle (Ceramic Bearing) - 80,000 rpm

This spindle can be used for small-diameter milling,     [read more]

Squares Air Line Kit

Squares Accessory

Handy Controller

The iSpeed5 handy controller allows hand-held operation     [read more]

Stop Block

The iSpeed5 stop block integrates with the iSpeed5 controller     [read more]