NSK America Catalog 2016/2017

8 APPLICATION EXAMPLES EmaxEVO ESPERT ROTUS IMPULSE PRESTO II SHEENUS neo SONIC CUTTER 2 ø1.0" ø0.98" ø1.18" MS ø0.75" ø0.79" ø0.87" ø0.91" ø1.0" ø0.98" MA ø0.897" 3 1 AIR LINE KIT 5 HES510 HES810 HTS HPS Xpeed 4 PARTS 6 7 INDEX TECHNICAL DATA E2530 / E2550 ø1.0"/ø0.98" E2530 / E2550 ø0.897" iSpeed3 E3000 - One Piece E3000 - Modular ø1.18" ø1.0"/ø0.98" ø0.897" E3000 - 80,000rpm E4000 3-p2 MA Series Features Application Examples • Gang slide NC lathes can be transformed into complex machining centers. • Specialized machine design will be made compact and universal. • Mounting MA Series on existing equipment can eliminate secondary operations or the equipment can be turned into a special purpose machine. • The MA Series is applicable to secondary operation machines, single purpose machines or special machining and grinding machines. • The air motors are explosion proof and do not generate heat even in continuous use. • When MA Series is used at low motor speed, a speed reducer (ARG-01, or other selections) is added in order to obtain the speed of your choice. • Collet, Jacobs drill chuck, saw arbor and grinding stone arbor are available for grinding, drilling, milling, slitting, chamfer and deburring operations. AM-300R NR-2351 Combination as System Motor Speed Reducer Spindle Speed {min -1 (rpm)} Output (W) Max. Torque (cN·m) Max. Drill Diameter for drilling (mm) S45C Aluminum Brass 30,000 57 ø1.0 ø1.5 ø2.0 AM-300R ARG-01 (1/3.92) NR-2351 8,000 57 ø1.9 ø2.9 ø3.4 AM-300R ARG-02 (1/15.39) NR-2351 2,000 57 ø2.8 ø3.8 ø4.5 AM-310R NR-2351 30,000 108 ø1.5 ø2.0 ø3.0 AM-310R ARG-01 (1/3.92) NR-2351 8,000 108 ø2.5 ø3.5 ø4.0 AM-310R ARG-02 (1/15.39) NR-2351 2,000 108 ø3.5 ø4.3 ø4.8 AM-2526R NR-2551 24,000 130 ø2.0 ø3.0 ø3.5 AM-2526R ARG-2504N (1/4) NR-2551 6,000 130 ø2.7 ø3.8 ø4.4 AM-2526R AM-3020R AM-3020R AM-3020R ARG-2516N (1/16) ARG-011E (1/4) ARG-021E (1/16) NR-2551 NR-453E NR-453E NR-453E 1,500 19,000 4,750 1,190 130 130 130 130 ø4.3 ø2.3 ø3.2 ø4.0 ø5.2 ø4.0 ø5.0 ø6.0 ø5.5 ø4.5 ø5.5 ø6.0 6.9 26.5 100.9 13.7 51.9 201.9 22.5 85.3 332.2 27 108 432 Drilling Capacity Reference Table This table summarizes the drilling capacity for the MA Series spindles. Please use this table as a guide for the selection of the proper model given the torque, speed and size requirements for your application. Data is given for three materials Medium Carbon Steel (S45C), aluminum and brass. * Conditions : High speed steel drill was used with a feed rate of 60mm/min. Tool life was not considered in determining the above capacities. Use this table as a reference to extrapolate suitability for a given application. FEATURES & DRILLING CAPACITY REFERENCE TABLE