NSK America Catalog 2016/2017

8 APPLICATION EXAMPLES EmaxEVO ESPERT ROTUS IMPULSE PRESTO II SHEENUS neo SONIC CUTTER 2 ø1.0" ø0.98" ø1.18" MS ø0.75" ø0.79" ø0.87" ø0.91" ø1.0" ø0.98" MA ø0.897" 3 1 AIR LINE KIT 5 HES510 HES810 HTS HPS Xpeed 4 PARTS 6 7 INDEX TECHNICAL DATA E2530 / E2550 ø1.0"/ø0.98" E2530 / E2550 ø0.897" iSpeed3 E3000 - One Piece E3000 - Modular ø1.18" ø1.0"/ø0.98" ø0.897" E3000 - 80,000rpm E4000 4-p35 160,000 min -1 (rpm) Output : 56W Xpeed1600 Xpeed1200 120,000 min -1 (rpm) Output : 192W AIR BEARING SPINDLE Xpeed Series Air Turbine Outside Diameter ø1.57"(ø40 mm) Outside Diameter ø2.56"(ø65 mm) Principle of Air Bearing Spindle Nozzle Nozzle Air Air Air Air AIR BEARING Xpeed Series • Ideal for extremely high precision, small diameter machining applications. • Air bearings use compressed air blown into a small gap between the spindle and the bearing surface. The spindle floats on an even cushion of compressed air. This non-contact type of bearing means the spindle has a very long service life because of low friction and wear ; it also means that the spindle generates almost no heat or vibration. • The spindle and bearing are finished with a very high-accuracy process to ensure extremely low vibration and very high rotating accuracy. Xpeed1600 160,000 min -1 (rpm) Output 56W Xpeed1200 120,000 min -1 (rpm) Output 192W Xpeed Series Connection Drawing The Xpeed Series motor and spindle require dry, clean, regulated air. Please refer to the drawing for proper components. Xpeed Series Compressor Air Line Kit AL-A0611 (Refer to 4-p38 in detail)