NSK America Catalog 2016/2017

1-p33 * Order by catalog number. “ROTUS” MOTOR 8 APPLICATION EXAMPLES EmaxEVO ESPERT ROTUS IMPULSE PRESTO II SHEENUS neo SONIC CUTTER 2 ø1.0" ø0.98" ø1.18" MS ø0.75" ø0.79" ø0.87" ø0.91" ø1.0" ø0.98" MA ø0.897" 3 1 AIR LINE KIT 5 HES510 HES810 HTS HPS Xpeed 4 PARTS 6 7 INDEX TECHNICAL DATA E2530 / E2550 ø1.0"/ø0.98" E2530 / E2550 ø0.897" iSpeed3 E3000 - One Piece E3000 - Modular ø1.18" ø1.0"/ø0.98" ø0.897" E3000 - 80,000rpm E4000 Air motor designed for high-efficiency Air Cooling System generates no heat for a continuous operation Light-weight and compact design Assembled with Speed Control and Forward/Reverse Control Ring Speed control by Foot Control To achieve high torque, ROTUS air motor is assembled with micron precision between the vanes and the internal surface of cylinder using NAKANISHI's proprietary techniques. This high performance air motor with minimal power loss from load fluctuation has excellent performance in its grinding stability. Moreover, the motor with minimal air consumption runs quietly and the energy-saving mechanism makes it possible to operate with a 1 hp (0.75KW) air compressor. The motor prevents heat generation and expansion of metal by air cooling system and provides stable rotation speed. The motor with attachment IR-310 is only 8.74 oz. Its light-weight and well balanced design provides excellent grinding performance. Forward/Reverse Rotating Direction Control Ring located at the end of the motor can control the motor speed as well. Fine adjustment of variable speed can be controlled by Foot Control. Excellent quietness with Silencer By attaching the silencer to the end of the exhaust air tubing, the motor is operated extremely quiet. CAT. No. Model Standard Accessories Price RO10163A IM-300 • Hose (K-207) : 6 ft • Silencer (K-209) • Pin Wrench (K-233) : 1 pc. Air Motor with 360˚ Twist-Free Joint Mechanism • Adopted Twist-Free Joint mechanism between the motor and the hose has solved the problem of hose twisting. • Weight : 4.59 oz. excluding hose AIR MOTOR IM-301 (with Twist-Free Joint Mechanism) RO10163 CAT. No. AIR MOTOR IM-300 (with Chip Air Mechanism) RO10163A CAT. No. 3,000~30,000 min -1 (rpm) 3,000~30,000 min -1 (rpm) CAT. No. Model Standard Accessories Price RO10163 IM-301 • Hose (K-206) : 6 ft • Silencer (K-209) • Pin Wrench (K-233) : 1 pc. 3.81 " ø0.897 " FWD/REV Rotating Direction Switch Ring Motor for ROTUS (Pneumatically Driven) 5 10 15 20 25 30 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 12 11 10 60 50 40 30 20 10 Speed { x 10 3 min -1 (rpm) } Output Power (W) Torque (cN·m) ROTUS IM-301 Performance Curve Air Pressure 71PSI Speed-Torque Characteristics (IM-301) Speed-Output Characteristics (IM-301) Speed-Torque Characteristics (IM-301+RG-01) Speed-Output Characteristics (IM-301+RG-01) 0 Air Motor with Chip Air Mechanism • Air motor IM-300 with Chip Air mechanism blows away the cutting dust with clean air coming through the top end of the attachment. The hand- held cutting work remains cool by the chip air allowing comfort through out the working process. (This is only with the attachment IH-300) • Weight : 4.59 oz. excluding hose 3.84 " ø0.897 " FWD/REV Rotating Direction Switch Ring