NSK America Catalog 2016/2017

1-p34 8 APPLICATION EXAMPLES EmaxEVO ESPERT ROTUS IMPULSE PRESTO II SHEENUS neo SONIC CUTTER 2 ø1.0" ø0.98" ø1.18" MS ø0.75" ø0.79" ø0.87" ø0.91" ø1.0" ø0.98" MA ø0.897" 3 1 AIR LINE KIT 5 HES510 HES810 HTS HPS Xpeed 4 PARTS 6 7 INDEX TECHNICAL DATA E2530 / E2550 ø1.0"/ø0.98" E2530 / E2550 ø0.897" iSpeed3 E3000 - One Piece E3000 - Modular ø1.18" ø1.0"/ø0.98" ø0.897" E3000 - 80,000rpm E4000 • To Intake Air Hose • Air Supply 3 Pieces Set • Compressor • IMPULSE • Silencer Filter Features • Mounting & Dismounting Cutting Tool Insert the wrench provided into the hole on the spindle and open or close the chuck with the Chuck Wrench to exchange the cutting tool. • Exchangeable Collet • Standard Size : ø1/8" (CHS-3.175) • Optional Collets : CHS-[][] are shown in page (6-p4) • The shape of the grinder is specially designed for sensitive finger touch control toward the top of the cutting tool. The front part of the NSP-601 model is made of stainless steel ; the back portion of aluminum alloy. The exhaust air line hose with silencer keeps the noise level to a minimum. To prevent twisting of the double line hose, a 360 degree twist-free joint connects the motor and the hose. IMPULSE NSP-601 60,000 min -1 (rpm) NK60100 CAT. No. • 60,000 min -1 (rpm) • Durable and quiet high-efficient air grinder. • The IMPULSE Series also offers 45 degree and 90 degree models. Choose the type that best fits your application requirements. ø0.67" 6.61" ø0.94" • Set-Up Drawing • Excellent Silencer Silencer on the exhaust air hose keeps the grinder very quiet. • Free From Twisting Hose To prevent the twisting of hose, 360˚ Twist-Free Joint connects the motor and the hose. • Connecting Part To Air Line Kit • Use Air Line Kit AL-H1206 or air supply 3 pieces set. (Air Filter, Air Regulator, Lubricator) Specifications Rotating Speed : 60,000 min -1 (rpm) Air Consumption : 5.83CFM Proper Air Pressure : 56~85PSI Hose Length : 4.5 ft Weight : 5.82 oz. Output : 70W Intake Air Hose Length : 4.5 ft Eraser Hose Length : 3.9 ft Screw for PT 1/4 Pipe Air Filter • Intake Air Coupling HIGH TORQUE PENCIL TYPE AIR GRINDER “IMPULSE” CAT. No. Model Standard Accessories Price NK60100 NSP-601 • Collet ø1/8" (CHS-3.175) : 1 pc. • Wrench (8 x 5) : 1 pc. • Bar Wrench (K-212) : 1 pc. • Hose (K-213) 4.5 ft • Silencer (K-208) : 1 pc. The air motor is assembled with a special vane design which keeps constant speed even under load providing stable grinding and polishing operation. • The shape of the grinder is designed for sensitive finger touch control toward the top of the cutting tool. • Smooth start is guaranteed. • The safety design of clamping the chuck up to 1.14" maintains stable rotation of the cutting tool. • Air Line Kit AL-H1206